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First emerge!

Sometime one have to begin. More and more of everyday life moves over to internet. People earn money by simply clicking. You pay your bills on-line. You’re calling using Skype. You’re googling instead of searching. So it’s a high time for myself. Choose a domain, found a web-page... and so on.

Yes, now it’s done. 

Much better now.

And I’m alive and kicking!

Sławomir Janiec, 7th September 2007

Second wind...

It will be the first anniversary coming soon.

The time goes by so quickly... so it’s hard to manage to change or do a lot.

Just a couple of minor adjustments only. And certainly - now even with a “mobile version” of this page - unavoidable nowadays.

SJ, 8th of August 2008

(080808 - funny date - isn’t it!)


Nothing really special... 

“The show must go on”...

New PhotoFolio, but unchanged otherwise.

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New Years

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Old Years

Vir bonus semper discipulus est

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